Gemeli Micro Light

Light Italic

Gemeli Micro Light Italic


Gemeli Micro Regular


Gemeli Micro Italic


Gemeli Micro Bold

Bold Italic

Gemeli Micro Bold Italic

Gemeli’s x-height was enlarged, extenders shortened, stance widened, spacing loosened, and forms simplified. Combined with pronounced ink traps, these compensations not only help Gemeli Micro work at sizes south of 8 pt, they also make for unique headlines and word marks — Production Type’s logo is a case in point.  This variant comes in three weights with italics, along with many of the functional aspects from the base Gemeli family: alternate glyphs for ‘a’ and ‘g’, a variety of ligatures, and extensive language support.

Design: Jean-Baptiste Levée. Team: Yoann Minet.

Gemeli Micro specimen

Character set