Trianon Normande Roman


Trianon Normande Italic

Trianon Normande, the fatface that propels the ever-so-flexible Trianon into a new realm of intensity.

The already versatile 42-styles Trianon family acquires new arrays of possibilities with ‘Normande’ styles. Big and bold, Trianon Normande is stepping forward to have a say. Setting titles in Trianon Normande allows text to gain a solid, self-confident voice without shouting too much. Available in Roman and Italic styles, Trianon Normande stays classy, but assertive.
Award-winning type family Trianon is a wide, flexible system with design variants meant to perform in a variety of sizes and media. With the addition of the Normande series, it is even more powerful and capable than ever.

‘Normande’ is the French name for a fashion of extra black Fat Faces. They were distant derivatives of the late Didot style upon which Trianon is built. Normandes were an abundant flavour in France from 1825, although records show similar patterns in the work of Englishman Vincent Figgins as early as 1815.
There is no clear reason why and how the name ‘Normande’ was coined. Alongside the likes of Parisiennes, Italiennes, or Mexicaines, it appears that these were probably employed just for the sake of designation and classification without being connected to aesthetical features.

Design: Loic Sander. Team: Sandra Carrera, Roxane Gataud, Yoann Minet. 2015

Trianon Normande specimen

Character set