About Production Type

Based in Paris, Production Type is a digital type design agency. Its activities span from the exclusive online distribution of its retail type for design professionals, to the creation of custom typefaces for the industrial, luxury, and media sectors.

About Jean-Baptiste Levée
Jean-Baptiste Levée works methodically in a process where history and technology are approached altogether within the nuances of artistry. He manufactures functional, yet versatile digital platforms for designers to build upon.
Levée has designed over a hundred typefaces for industry, moving pictures, fashion and media. He is the founder of the independent foundry Production Type, and a partner in tech startup Prototypo. His work has won multiple awards and has been shown internationally in group and solo shows. It is featured in the permanent collections of the French national library (BnF), the Decorative Arts museum of Paris and the National Center of arts (Cnap); of the Newberry Library in Chicago, and several printing museums in Europe. He is a board member at ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale) and consults as an expert design advisor for the French Public Investment Bank (BPI) where he is contributing to the spread of design in innovative businesses. Levée curates exhibitions on typeface design, organizes research symposiums and teaches typeface design at the Amiens school of Arts & Design and at the University of Corte. He is a typography columnist and editor on Pointypo.com.

Quentin Schmerber
Quentin Schmerber is an Ésad Amiens Type & Language alumni. His interests vary from epigraphic inscriptions to the typography of pizza shops. He is a typeface designer at Production Type.

Hugues Gentile
After an MA degree in typeface design at École Estienne, Hugues Gentile followed the “Type & Language” postgraduate program at Ésad Amiens, where he developed typefaces for complex Latin-Bengali typesettings. He is a junior typeface designer at Production Type.

Anne-Dorothée Schulz
Anne-Dorothée Schulz is an École Olivier de Serres alumni. She is a graphic designer at Production Type, where she develops her love for animated Gifs and type-based images.

Yoann Minet
Yoann Minet is an École Estienne alumni where he grew an attire in both cultural aspects of type design and folklore. His works span from the most traditional aspects of text typefaces to utterly contemporary designs. He is the co-founder of the design studio Bureau Brut.

Loic Sander
Loic Sander is a typeface designer living and working in San Francisco. He is also a graphic designer and typographer with a focus on editorial publishing. His work stems from his strong inclination towards craftsmanship and the making of tools, which he regularly indulges in as a stonecarver or programmer.

Emmanuel Besse
Emmanuel Besse holds a degree in typographic design from the École Estienne in Paris. His varied experiences have allowed him to build a profile willingly mixing disciplines: he works on projects ranging from web design and publishing, to typeface design. He is the co-founder of the design studio Large Projects.

Bureau Brut
Bureau Brut is a graphic design studio. Their design process focuses, amongst other things, on a demanding typographical expertise — both as a tool and as a working matter, notably thanks to one the co-founders, Yoann Minet. The work of Bureau Brut, from specifications to production, involves revealing the raw material that is the demand and its context ("brut" means "raw" in French.)

Studio FEED
Feed is an independent graphic design studio founded in 1999 by Anouk Pennel and Raphaël Daudelin. Feed specializes in branding, publishing and typeface design, with a straightforward approach. Feed eats up all that's fit to print, but also delights in what glows on screen and unfurls in space.

Superscript2 is a graphic design studio, founded in 2006 by Pierre Delmas & Patrick Lallemand.  Involved in different mediums, from editorial design to typeface design, and digital media, Superscript2 works for a wide range of clients, from independent cultural institutions to renowned companies. Superscript2 is known for its effective yet beautiful designs that goes against the grain.

Franck Jalleau
Franck Jalleau is a type designer, calligrapher, and stonecutter. Former student of the Scriptorium de Toulouse, he has followed the training of Atelier National de Création Typographique and then worked with Ladislas Mandel and José Mendoza. He designed typefaces for Agfa, the city of Brives or the non-profit group ATD Quart-Monde. He is currently a Senior designer at the French Imprimerie nationale, where he develops a program of exclusive revivals since 1990. He equally accomplished several original designs for French passport and ID, tax reference codes and numerous other secure print applications. Teacher at the École Estienne, he frames there the longest-running French educational program in type design. His stonecut letters cant be sighted from the parisian Trocadéro Square to the UN headquarters, along with the small paths of southern Provence. He received the Prix des Graphistes in 1998 and several international prizes among which are 1987 and 1996 japanese Morisawa awards.

Gilles Poplin
Independent designer since his degree under the direction of Roman Cieslewicz, Gilles Poplin is an art director and typeface designer. He commutes between brand identity and editorial design (broadcast, magazine and interface design). He is the head of Esag Penninghen school where he leads the program and teaches art direction.

Marianne Bergès
Studio manager

Stephen Coles, Indra Kupferschmid, Caren Litherland, Sébastien Morlighem,  Yohanna My Nguyen, Mathieu Réguer.
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